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The most well-known crypto networks related to cryptocurrencies are ethereum worth investing 2022 of pyramid schemes. They can only exist for as long as new, fresh money is pumped into them. The associated dangers for consumers are enormous.

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Their protection is not inherent in the system. Instead, the financial incentives of a crypto network serve the interests of the crypto network. As a result of the anonymity-like pseudonymity of crypto network participants, the current EU-wide ban on pyramid promotional schemes is hardly or not enforceable. In Marchthe European Supervisory Authorities — again — warned consumers against the aggressive promotion of crypto-assets and related products, while members of the EU Parliament appeared to have given in to such aggressive influences.

Legislative intent must be effectively enforced and not undermined by financially incentivized crypto network participants. The ban on the use of cryptocurrencies proposed here is a limited one and is intended to leave room for innovation in the financial sector. The Pyramids of Crypto A proposal of a limited ban on the use of cryptocurrencies I. This includes popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. Cryptocurrencies were supposed to offer people an innovative alternative in view of the financial crisis, where trust was not necessary and thus could not be disappointed.

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But cryptocurrencies did disappoint. The potential for harm is based on the fact that these crypto networks rely on financial incentives implemented with the respective network cryptocurrency.

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Those who support the network and its cryptocurrency are rewarded. However, the signs are mounting that the growth and continued existence of crypto networks is limited. In addition, market abuse regulations regularly do not apply.

In contrast, a limited ban on the use of crypto-assets underpinning crypto networks, as proposed here, could allow for legal enforcement. It could avoid the influx of new crypto network participants, especially children [12]who or whose parents are at risk to suffer total loss due to the scheme. The restriction of the ethereum worth investing 2022 ban is intended to leave a door open to innovations in the financial sector without comparable damage potential.

The developers and participants of crypto networks are thus free to adapt to the legal situation. Background knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrencies To better understand the proposal of the limited ban on the use of certain cryptocurrencies without extensive research work, essential basic knowledge is summarized below: 1. The shared database management needs clear rules on how the database is updated, i.

Since democratic voting procedures are time-consuming and ethereum hoy investieren updating of the shared database would be impossible, so-called consensus algorithms [13] replace the voting process. These selection procedures are defined in the protocols of the individual blockchain networks and may therefore differ from one another.

The data collection will only become more extensive, as deletions are basically not provided for. Before that, the number of full archive nodes is gradually decreasing because fewer and fewer node operators can acquire the necessary technology.

So-called light node clients enable participation in the network even if the necessary storage space and computing power cannot be provided. Light nodes store only a lightweight miniature of the blockchain. Though dependent on the database managing participants and limited in participation and participation rights, light nodes support the network through new database entries so-called transactions.

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For subsequent changes to the blockchain database, e. This means that a controlling majority decides on database existence, state, and continuation. The controlling majority and how this control is exercised is basically determined by the protocol — which can also be changed by a majority. In a nutshell: Blockchain technology is a network technology with a predictable bitcoin prognose rechner also limited deferrable end.

It networks computers and computer users with each other, who have different roles and participation rights. They are called crypto network participants in this article.

They are not only ethereum worth investing 2022 assets that can be reallocated through transactions, but they also serve, for ethereum usd bitfinex investieren as transaction fees, network management purposes. Although tokens, as the smallest element of a computer program, can be created in infinite numbers, they are supposed to be limited in number by programming [15].

This alleged artificial scarcity is intended to create economic value. This group does not necessarily include only persons, but also, for example, network addresses [18] used by the same person as well as bots.

However, a crypto-asset such as bitcoin or ether does not include a claim to payment of a certain equivalent value in money. The importance of a cryptocurrency for a crypto network The blockchain-based crypto networks Bitcoin and Ethereum thrived and are maintained by financial incentives. Two goals of the incentive mechanism are based on the token of blockchain system, which is achieved by the following two strategies: One focus[es] on the issue mechanism of the token.

It assesses what behaviors of the network node ethereum worth investing 2022 newly issued coins …. The other focuses on the allocation mechanism of the token. In the Bitcoin network, this consists of newly created bitcoins and the transaction fees of other network participants for processing their transactions. The higher the total number of transactions, the higher the fees that network participants must pay. A miner network, in which the miner itself must contribute to the required transaction volume and the reward gets reduced by fees, seems absurd.

Otherwise, there is no effective financial incentive to participate in ethereum worth investing 2022 crypto network as a miner. Especially in the early days of a crypto network, this means that new network participants must be recruited, otherwise the miner will pay on top.

Later, the need to recruit new network participants is to keep the number of transactions high or to increase it, so that the fees can ethereum worth investing 2022 their financial incentive effect and the continued existence [31] of the crypto network is secured. Paid fees reduce the cryptocurrency holdings of the other network participants. Consequently, the network participants are incentivized to acquire more of the cryptocurrency to be able to have their future transactions processed in the network.

Recruiting new network participants also increases demand. That means, a subsequent purchase is not always necessary. The financial incentive has the effect of network participants supporting the network by either acquiring more cryptocurrency or recruiting new network participants. It may serve their individual interests, but it primarily serves the value and continuity of the crypto network.

In the case of the Ethereum network and its cryptocurrency ether, the incentive structure described above is supplemented by an additional programming layer [32] and thus the possibility of creating further incentive structures that can be determined by the network participants themselves. Pump-and-dump manipulation per se is an old phenomenon in financial markets. Usually, a distinction is made between information-based and trade-based manipulation: [33] In information-based manipulation, false information about the value of an investment product is disseminated in the hope that potential investors will believe this false information.

Bitcoin: would we invest your money in it? Perspektiven Bitcoin: would we invest your money in it? Bitcoin increased in value more than five fold from the start of to late, making it one of the best-performing assets of the pandemic.

Up to 23 million individuals are involved in these manipulations. There are, on average, two pumps per day.

This rate of manipulation is considerably higher than pump-and-dump manipulation in stock markets in recent decades. The interests of individuals or certain groups remain irrelevant, as already emphasized above. Put simply, Tether pumped more and more USDT into the crypto market at ever shorter intervals to acquire bitcoins. Many new network participants were attracted by this impression.

But where do the tens of billions of U. On January 27,the U. Crypto networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have the character of a pyramid scheme The number of transactions on the Bitcoin network per day is decreasing. However, these crypto networks are still popular. The dynamics underlying the influx of new network participants described above point to the presence of a pyramid scheme.

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They suggest why Bitcoin and Ethereum are still popular. First, investitionen in kryptowährung und steuern a promotion is based on the promise that the consumer will have the opportunity of making a commercial profit.

Next, the realization of that promise depends on the introduction of other consumers into the scheme. Finally, the greater part of the revenue to fund the compensation promised to consumers does not result from a real economic activity. It also means that the most recent members are less likely to receive compensation for their participation.

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That scheme ceases to be viable when the growth in membership, which should theoretically tend to infinity investition in krypto 2022 order for the scheme to continue, is no longer sufficient to fund ethereum worth investing 2022 compensation promised to all participants.

Bitcoin and Ethereum as variants of the pyramid promotional scheme In the case of the Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto networks and their respective cryptocurrencies, the aforementioned three conditions of a pyramid promotional scheme within the meaning of the ECJ are met, with most network participants being considered consumers: [66] a Promise that the consumer will have the opportunity of making a commercial profit According to the ECJ, promotion in the context of a prohibited pyramid promotional scheme is based on the promise that the consumer will have the opportunity of making a commercial profit.

As pointed out above, pump-and-dump manipulations are conducive to maintaining the crypto network. Newly introduced consumers compensate for the loss of network participants and maintain or increase the total transaction volume, i.

Finally, their profit opportunities can be ethereum worth investing 2022 effectively and are thus higher if they are joined by other network participants. As pointed out above, collective pump-and-dump manipulations are conducive to maintaining the crypto network.

Bitcoins in the block reward are computer-generated. The fees in the block reward are economic contributions of other network participants. Also, profits of manipulators are lost when pump-and-dump schemes fail due to a lack of manipulable network participants. Thus, even notwithstanding profit from direct sales, the greater part of the revenue to fund the compensation does not result from a real economic activity. However, malicious actors are often difficult or impossible to identify, especially due to the anonymity-like pseudonymity of crypto network participants.

As a consequence, consumer protection laws can hardly or not be enforced and consumer protection cannot be realized. The same applies to potential criminal offenses subject to national laws. Malicious actors under the radar of the Market Abuse Regulation MAR Manipulative crypto ethereum worth investing 2022 participants often do not fall under relevant market abuse regimes.

As demonstrated above, crypto-asset manipulations are often not information- or trade-based, but emotion-based. The Market Abuse Regulation [68] MARfor example, only regulates conduct with information that can be used for market manipulation and thus market abuse: Pursuant to Art. Pursuant to Art. The Statement by the European Securities and Markets Authority ESMA on Investment Recommendations in social media of October 28, [69]points out that the information qualifying an investment recommendation must also enable investors to identify whether it is objective and whether conflicts of interest exist.

None of these contain information [70] apart from the obviously subjective statement, highlighted by subjective interest. The more subjective interest is displayed, the more effective the — emotional [72]not information-based — manipulation becomes. Therefore, the question whether, in making an investment decision, a reasonable investor would be likely to take into account a particular piece of information should be appraised on the basis of the ex ante available information.

Where information is largely irrelevant, the answer to the question of whether bitcoin and alike are financial instruments within the meaning of MAR is also no longer relevant. And thus, ethereum worth investing 2022 again, there are no effective means against manipulation, especially at the expense of new network participants.

Proposal of a limited prohibition of use The current state of regulation on crypto-assets is insufficient. Politicians and the public are not aware of the risks of crypto networks.

Although pyramid promotional schemes have been banned for years, the anonymity-like pseudonymity of crypto networks makes these bans difficult or impossible to enforce. Market abuse regulations often do not apply. Therefore, a swiftly implemented, limited ethereum worth investing 2022 on the use of cryptocurrencies, i. Suggested wording The limited ban on the use of cryptocurrencies such like bitcoin and ether, i.

Which means that the use of such crypto-assets could be banned, which help establishing, operating or promoting a pyramid promotional scheme where a consumer gives consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation that is derived primarily from the introduction of other consumers into the scheme rather than from the sale or consumption of products.

The details, especially the determination of the legal consequences and the distribution of the burden of proof, are left to the decision of the European and national legislators. Purpose of the limited ban: enable law enforcement and real innovation The proposed limited ban is intended to enable legal enforcement where existing laws fail mainly due to the anonymity-like pseudonymity of the crypto network participants.

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Consumers [74] would be directly affected but not sanctioned. Potential consequences for consumers could include void contracts, contractual implications, and no or limited access to crypto exchanges. Enforcement of the ban of pyramid promotional schemes is then no longer dependent on a business act attributable to a person. Also, damage could be prevented in advance.

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